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This operation is made to treat the prominent ears. The ears complete their development at the age of 5. This age is considered properly to correct this malformation, before the child goes to school and be an object of ironic comments.
The operation aims to bring the ear fin to its natural anatomic position, namely in a 25-300 angle in relevance with the scull.

The operation lasts for an hour and is made under local anesthesia for the adult. For the little and frightened children it may be done under general anesthesia. the incision is made at the back of the ears, which renders it invisible. There are some techniques that can define the new desired shape of the cartilage, which remains steady thruogh time with the use of stitches.

There is a mild swelling and bruising post-operationally, while the pain is minimum and responds to the common painkillers. If intense and persistent pain or sudden “swelling” occurs, the patient must immediately contact his doctor. The patient is bound with an elastic band around his head for a week. The stitch, if existed, are removed after 7-10 days. The swelling recedes after some weeks, when the final result is assessed.

“The problem can be fixed with simple means and narthexes, without surgical operations in the newborn babies. But these techniques can be applied only for a few weeks after birth, when the cartilage remains soft and plastic”

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