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Face Lift



As man grows, the effects of gravity, exposure to the sun radiation, smoking and daily activities, appear on his face. Deep wrinkles and relaxation start appearing.

Facelift improves the most visible points of “aging” of skin and muscles of the face and neck.

There is no specific age which is considered suitable to operate. Initially, the first problems that appear on face can be treated satisfactorily with non operative therapies, which become more popular through time, such as the injectible implants (bottox-fillers), radiofrequencies, lasers, etc. The best candidates for this operation are men and women whose skin skin started loosening but still retains some elasticity. Most patients are between 45 to 65 years old, yet the operation can be successfully made to older patients as well.

The final decision for surgical treatment should be made in collaboration with the Plastic Surgeon, who will select the method or combination of methods suitable for the specific patient and after a prior discussion of his “expectations” after the operation. The doctor must explain all the possible implications of the operation, even the rarest.

The classic operation of face-lift is made usually under general anesthesia and it lasts for 3.5-5 hours. The incisions are made round the ears and continue to the hair and rarely are they visible after a year. The patient remains at hospital at the operation day. Usually, a thin tube is placed under the skin which comes out behind the ear, to guide the blood that could be gathered out. It is removed the first or second post-operational day.

There are intense swelling and bruises right after the operation, which gradually reside. The pain is bearable and addresses with the usual painkillers. If intense and persistent pain or sudden “swelling” occurs, you should immediately go to your doctor. The first stitches are removed on the 4th day and the rest on the 10th day. The patient can gradually return to his daily activities, but he must avoid the intense body activity for at least two weeks. He can return to work after 10-14 days. There is a mild disorder in the aestheticity of the skin (underaesthesia), which is natural and lasts for a few weeks or months.

Smokers must stop smoking two weeks prior and after operation, as among other problems, it can cause skin necrosis.

The change will thrill you, especially if you understand that the results are not usually visible immediately. Face lift does not stop time. Your face will continue to age and you may have to repeat the operation after some years. However, the results of even one operation last forever, in the light of having a better appearance comparing to the one you would have without having a face lift.

” The scars of the operation are hidden in the hair and in natural skin ripples.”




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