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Lap lift



Weight loss and age create relaxation problems at the laps as well. The technique followed by the surgeon depends on the relaxation level, but usually the incision is made along the thigh root, so it could be completely covered by the underwear. However, in cases of great relaxation, the surgeon has to add incisions along the inner side of the lap.

The operation is made under general anesthesia and lasts for 3-4 hours, depending on the problem. The patient returns home the next day, bearing tubes for 2-4 days. The post-operation course is in general more painful comparing to ather cosmetic surgery operations, yet the pain receded with the common painkillers. If intense and persistent pain or sudden “swelling” occurs, she must immediately contact her doctor.

After the operation, the patient needs to wear a special stay down to the knees for a month. At the first days, the mobility is significantly confined and the stitches are removed in 15 days. The patient returns to work and daily activities in 15-20 days.

The scars are not completely disappeared, but after a year they are discolored and covered from the underwear, though sometimes they may fall slightly from their initial position.

The duration of the result depends on the spread of the initial “problem”, the age of the patient, the skin quality, the weight fluctuations, the ability of the patient to work out and have a massage. The implications usually concern the peripheral part of the lap (near the knees). The total appearance of the laps, however, would be by all means better.

“The duration of the result depends on many factors; the total appearance of the laps, however, would be by all means better.”



Lap Lift

Lap Lift

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