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Breast Reduction/Breast Lift


Breast Reduction/Breast Lift

Megalomastia and Gigantomasty are for many women a great aesthetical and functional problem.

The oversized breasts create problems to the spine, intertrigoes in the sub-breast area and are extremely difficult at the feel and examination, even from the most experienced doctors. There are diagnostic problems even during mastography. As the statistics reveal, oversized breasts delay the cancer prognosis compared with women with normal or smaller size breasts. From this point of view it is obvious that a breast reduction operation offers a lot to these women.

The problem of megalomastia may appear from the early ages, but it usually degenerates through the years, pregnancy and body weight raise. Megalomastia usually co-exists with obesity and other aesthetical and functional problems of the body and limbs, thus the approach to the patient’s problem should be combined.

The surgical operation of the breast reduction offers smaller, better shaped breasts, symmetrical to the rest of the body, with full aestheticity at the nipples.

The technique that the surgeon will follow depends on many factors, especially though on the breast size and the skin quality. The scars created are usually one around the nipple and a vertical from the nipple to the sub-breast ripple, while sometimes there is another one through the sub-breast area. The operation is made under general anesthesia and lasts 3-4 hours.
The patient remains hospitalized for 1-2 days, bearing tubes and taking intravenously antibiotics and painkillers. After the first change, she can return home, wearing a special bra. The post-operational pain, if occurs, recedes with the common painkillers. If intense and persistent pain or sudden “swelling” occurs, she must immediately contact her doctor. She can treat the trauma herself and having a bath according to the doctor’s instructions. The stitches are removed after 7-10 days. She can return to her work if its nature allows it, usually from the 5th – 7th post-operational day. Training is allowed gradually after the 15th day. Pregnancy, though not forbidden, is recommended after a year. However, it will cause some level of relaxation at the chest, as this happens to the normal non-operated breasts. The scars do not totally disappear, yet after a year they are discolored and usually indiscernible.

The implications of this operation are relatively rare, the most common of which are the delayed healing of the scars, the insensitivity of a part of the breast skin, the reduced aestheticity of the nipple in case of very large breasts, the creation of overgrown scars and the necrosis of the nipple when one or more risks occur: oversized breasts, smoking, obesity or diabetes.

The breast lift is an operation suitable for women with normal breast size, but with a fall of some level. In these cases there is no need of breast reducing but removal of the “excess” skin, combined with the “re-arrangement” of the tissues in higher position. The techniques used are practically the same with those used in breast reduction, with some modifications and of course without reducing the breast. Usually, breast lift can be combined with some level of breast augmentation with silicone implants, if the patient wishes.
Comparing with the breast reduction, this operation’s post-operational course is smoother, the implications are less and the patient can return to her daily activities faster.

Usually, women with big breast feel bad about the “appearance” of their body and have difficulties finding the proper clothes and the bras create irritating marks at their shoulders.

“The surgical operation of the breast reduction offers smaller, better shaped breasts, symmetrical to the rest of the body, with full aestheticity at the nipples.”



Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

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